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Nand gher aanand bhayo,

Jai Kanaiya Laal Ki!!!

Janmashtami is celebrated on account of the birth of lord Krishna, who was born at midnight in Mathura and to Gokul. On the next day of his birth the entire Gokul was decorated with flowers, dahi handis and the distributed sweets. The village celebrated the birth with joy, enthusiasm and happiness.

Being a vibrant campus when comes to celebrating festivals, Janmashtami was celebrated in the CKSVIM campus, on 16th August 2017.

As a part of this, “Dahi Handi” program was organized by the students of batch-8 and 9. The ‘Mataki Fod’ was done in the traditional way, where group of boys form pyramid and one on the top breaks the handi. This time not only boys but girls also actively participated in this breaking the stereotypes and broke the handi.


All the faculty and staff members also joined the celebration and enjoyed the view.


Written by: Dhruvi Parikh (Batch 8)

Picture Courtesy: Deep Bavisi & Karan Zaveri (Batch 8)