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CKSVIM is one the few Institutes in India to offer Business Newspaper free of cost to their Students. Further in order to motivate students to actively read the Business Newspaper, we are launching the Googley Series, in which the questions will pop-up from the Today's Newspaper. 

We will be announcing the Winner of the Week i.e. the one who wins the maximum number of times in a Week and the WINNER will be awarded Business Standard sponsored PARKER BETA PEN worth Rs. 160.



Click to participate in Googley

There are two major changes we are bringing with respect to Googley:-

1. From today onwards the Googley answers submitted after 12:00 noon will only be considered.
2. If the announced Winner is absent on that particular day in Institute, s/he will not be eligible for any prize.

The Winners List of Last Googley is available on: