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On 9 September 2017, Saturday around 30 students from batch 8 and batch 9 along with Mr. Ankit Shah attended the International HR Conclave 2017-DIGITAL MATRIX; conducted by Department of Social Work, Sardar Patel University, Vidyanagar. The special speakers spoke on various ways how technologies helps in transforming & developing HR department and increase the efficiency of social services.

Dr. Suryanarayan Iyer, the Vice President HR in Aditya Brila Group talked about digital transformation in business. The major components for digital transformation are Scale, Scope and Speed. The digital transformation includes Smart Work Place, Big Data, Work-Life Balance and Future of Works.

Followed by was the interactive discussion on Latest Trends in Human Resource Management & Talent Management by Mr. Amit Karandiker-General Manager & Head, Human Resources, NETAFIM Irrigation India Pvt.Ltd, Vadodara.

Mr. Sajit Menon, the head of American Indian Foundation, New Delhi; explained the role of technologies in social services by quoting examples of few social welfare applications like “Care Mother-Mobile Pregnancy Care App” “Haqdarshak” etc. “Haqdarshak” is an application for effective utilization of government and non-government budgets.

The Chief speaker for the event was Ms. Michelle Bowman, Operation Director at Save the Children India, an NGO working for the development and welfare of children. According to her, digitalization in social service sector means more benefits to the benefiaries with less money.


The seminar was very informative and we students were able to gather much knowledge on how to use technology more effectively and give back to the society we live in. There are lots of scope where we as management students put our theoretical knowledge which we gather in classrooms and get some practical outcome for it.


Written by: Abirami Pillai, Batch 9

Picture Courtesy: Yash Gandhi (Batch 9) and Honey Sharma (Batch 8)