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Prof. Dr. Andreas Hausotter, Departmental International Coordinator, Department of Business Information Systems, University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover, Germany, visited CKSVIM on 23rd February 2016 and met Dr. Rajesh Khajuria, Director, CKSVIM, Dr. Kerav Pandya & Dr. Kunjal Sinha, Associate Professors, CKSVIM & Mr. Sameer Rohadia, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM.

Dr. Khajuria welcomed Prof. Dr. Hausotter and briefed him about Jain Community, SMJV Trust & CKSVIM.
Dr. Hausotter also briefed about German Education System, Dept of Business Systems and University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Hannover.
Dr. Sinha, Dr. Pandya & Mr. Rohadia asked questions related to Bachelors & Masters courses at University of Applied Sciences & Arts, Hannover.
Dr. Hausotter gave assurance to Dr. Khajuria that he will introduce CKSVIM to Faculty of Business, Hannover and search for the possibility of Faculty/Student Exchange.
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hausotter, Dr. Rajesh Khajuria and Mr. Sameer Rohadia
Prof. Dr. Andreas Hausotter with CKSVIM Faculty and Staff