Brief of C – FS

Finance is one of the most important areas of any business organization and efficient management of finance and fund is pre-requisite for the value creation in the business. Finance itself is a well diversified field of study and no amount is time is sufficient to excel in all the areas of field of finance. Different segments of finance discipline demand different skills set and approach to take business decisions which are complex and generally have tremendous implications on business performance. In the fast changing business, economic and financial environment, it is necessary to be updated, skillful and knowledgeable to address the challenges which are faced by the entity on a regular bases.

CKSVIM – Centre for Financial Services is established with the objective of inculcating the mindset and infuse the required skills and knowledge into the students to make them fit to work in the area of finance. Finance is an area which is constant and rapidly changing and has a very close association with other discipline like economics, accounting and costing, mathematics and statistics, legal aspects, etc. The centre will provide the platform to the students to enhance their knowledge by various activities aligned to the objective of the centre.

Following are the major objectives of the centre.

  • To impart necessary skills and mindset in the students.
  • To organize guest talk/ expert talk on various emerging topics in finance.
  • To provide guidance regarding career planning in the field of finance.
  • To conduct conferences/ seminars/ workshops/ FDPs/ MDPs, etc in the area of finance for the benefits of students, faculty, business and industry, etc.
  • To collaborate with external organizations/ institutions/ bodies to provide value added program to the various beneficiaries.
  • To explore the opportunity for the students to get the practical work experience by getting association with local business and industry community.
  • To provide research and consultancy to industry and business especially MSME.

The following team of mentors will work with Center for Financial Services.

  1. Mr. Gaurang Badheka – Assistant Professor, CKSVIM – Chief Mentor
  2. Ms. Neelu Nakra – Assistant Professor, CKSVIM

Following is the glimpses of some of the activities/ programs conducted under Centre for Financial Services.

  • Guest talk on “Secondary Market” by Mr. Prashant Kulkarni on 9th February 2019.
  • Expert talk on “Overview of banking especially focusing on digital banking and Career Orientation in Banking” by experts from Bank of Baroda Academy on 18th January 2019 under Centre for Financial Services.
  • An Investor Awareness Programme, an Initiative from National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) was organised at C.K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management by finance club under on August 31, 2018.
  • Signed an MoU with National Stock Exchange to offer and conduct exams of various courses offered by NSE, Mumbai.
  • Launched “Skills diploma in Goods and Service Tax” especially designed for the students community to provide knowledge in the emerging area of GST. Total 30 students have enrolled for the program.
  • Launched “Diploma in GST” for working executives in association with Bharuch District Management Association, Bharuch. Total 34 participants have enrolled for the course.