Marketing research is unarguably marketing’s most important task. Today marketers not only view research as a key ingredient in making marketing decisions they also consider information to be a critical factor in gaining advantage over competitors. Because organizations recognize the power information has in helping create and maintain products that offer value, there is an insatiable appetite to gain even more insight into customers and markets. Marketers in nearly all industries are expected to direct more resources to gathering, analyzing and presenting information especially in highly competitive local as well as global markets.

At CKSVIM with a purpose to enhance the knowledge and to understand practical aspects of marketing research, we have taken up a project on “Price Comparison of Ayurvedic Medicines with other Allopathic Medicines”. The project is through Gujarat Technological University under the World Marketing Summit (WMS) initiative of World’s most influential marketer Professor Philip Kotler with the mission of creating a Better World through Marketing under the banner of ‘WMS Company Ltd.’. Professor Kotler deliberated the concept of incubator and partnered renowned universities of the world who have taken this mammoth task of making the world better through marketing. As India has been assigned ‘Health’ as a topic for incubation and establishing KCME, GTU has taken initiative for the same.

With this project and aim to bringing many such projects to the credit of CKSVIM, the institute has recently set up a Centre for Marketing Research. The centre will provide the forum where knowledge and understanding of marketing is transformed into practical understanding of the marketing practices through research. This helps to bridge the academia-industry gap in various areas of marketing like brand management, services and relationship marketing, advertising and promotion management, distribution management, online marketing and so on.

Objectives of the Centre for Marketing Research:

  • To bridge the academia-industry gap through quality projects in marketing research.
  • To conduct seminar/conferences/workshops/FDP, etc. with a view to appraise students, new faculty and end-user (industry) members with the latest trends in areas of mutual interest.
  • To provide consultancy to National and International organizations in Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Corporate, Government and Non-Government sectors.
  • To generate surplus after first year of operations, i.e. from Financial Year 2013-14.

The following team of mentors will work for the centre of marketing research.

  • Dr. Kunjal Sinha, Associate Professor, CKSVIM – Chief Mentor
  • Mr. Ankit Shah, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM – Coordinator
  • Ms. Hetal Thakar, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM

The Chief Mentor/ Coordinator shall report to the Director of CKSVIM, who shall provide the necessary guidance and support to the Centre.

Research projects undertaken under C-MR:

  • Live Project with ITC, Vadodara during the month of January 2017.
  • Live Project with Sujal (Spark Inframark), Vadodara during the month of April 2016.
  • Live Project @ Shoppers’ Stop, Vadodara (On behalf of Onion Insights, Mumbai).
  • Industry visit to DB Corp Ltd. on 14th September 2015. 
  • Project on Analytical Study on Relative Impact & Objectivity of Different Media was undertaken by Gujarat Technological University. CKSVIM was one of the seven institutes to take up this project.
  • Report of Kotler’s Incubator
  • Research Proposal for Kotler’s Incubator

Programs organized under C-MR:

  • Management Development Program (MDP) on “Selling Techniques and Negotiation Skills” on 31st August 2019.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on “Team Building and Stress Management” on 27th June 2019.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Selling Techniques and Negotiation Skills’ on 24th March 2018.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Business Enhancement through Team Building and Time Management’ on 10th February 2018.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on ‘Business Enhancement’ on 12th January 2018.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on “Managing Workplace and Team Building” was conducted on 15th October 2017 for Advanced Power Sources Limited, Valsad.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) on Business Enhancement on 18-19th August 2017.
  • Foundation Training Program for undergraduate students of B N Patel Institute of Paramedical and Science on 6-7-8 July, 2017.
  • Centre for Marketing & Industry Skills Development Centre organized a 6th Leadership Talk by Mr. J. Raghunath, Head of Marketing, Yarn Business, Reliance Industries Ltd, Mumbai on “Employability and Marketing Skills for MBAs” at CKSVIM, Vadodara on 2nd October 2015.