Background of C-RM

The core problem in project implementation in social sector in India is ineffectiveness. It was found that most of the development agencies lacked managerial skills in implementing various projects. It was also felt that unless the young people moved with their development managerial skills to the rural areas, the country will continue to face unending problem of poverty. Keeping this in mind, we have started Centre of Excellence in Rural Management from 2009-2010.

This convergence is a role model for other organizations and institutions in the Gujarat Technological University to follow and is a pioneering step forward in the development of India.

Objectives of the Centre for Rural Management (C-RM):

The main aims of this centre is “ to create a new breed of students who are competent, positive in attitude and skills which is necessary to tackle the new areas of management in the Agri-based and Rural Sector.” This is fulfilling by following:

  • Improved research and development capabilities
  • Enhanced training and capacity building expertise
  • Meaningful teaching and field experience sharing
  • Better documentation and wider dissemination of information
  • Relevance of field exposure with experience at grass root work.

This centre offers a lot of scope for the MBA students. They can be entrepreneurs in the field of agri-business, including frozen food, horticulture, export and import of the various organic and non-organic foods, etc.. Also this centre will help students to cater to the rural market as 60% of India lives in villages and there is a vast untapped market potential.

The focus of our students is based on the concept of entrepreneurship, managing and learning. Today India is the bedrock of Agriculture & Rural development. Our students have undertaken projects, feasibility projects and Live projects and have visited many Agri-Based & Food Processing Industries in and around Gujarat.

The following team of mentors works for the centre of Rural Management:

  1. Dr Kamal Taori, Distinguished Visiting Faculty – Chief Mentor and Chairman of Rural Business Hub India, Wardha (collaborator)
  2. Mrs. Savitha K. Assistant Professor, CKSVIM – Coordinator (left in July 2012, but will work voluntarily from Chennai)
  3. Prakash Patel, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM – Coordinator (from July 2012)
  4. Ms. Preeti Singhal, Assistant Professor, CKSVIM (newly inducted)

The Chief Mentor/ Coordinator report to the Director of CKSVIM, who provides the necessary guidance and support to the Centre.

C – RM’s Agenda

The centre is currently running successfully. The Centre for Rural Management (C-RM) shall conduct at least two programs (seminars etc) and undertake two projects / consultancy assignments in the first year, and raise its profile and projects suitably in future.

The following Rural Management programs organized under C – RM:

The first initiative taken by SMJV’s CKSVIM under Centre for Rural Management for Rural market opportunities, Panchayat Raj and Grass-root empowerment, Self-employment, Rural enterprise and Enhancing employability is as follow:

  1. A CSR activity at the Maharana Jagatsinh Ashram Shala (school) at Bhuvera, Ratanmahal on 5th January 2015.
  2. One Day Workshop on “Agri Business and NGO Management”.
  3. One Day Workshop on “Rural Marketing” Theme : “Marketing the Unmarketed” organised by “Rural Business Hub (India) – Vadodara Chapter” in collaboration with Rural Business Hub Foundation, India and International Institute for Holistic Research and Voluntary Action (India-Germany), at CKSV Institute of Management, Vadodara on 22nd Sept 2011.
  4. One Day Workshop on “Rural Marketing for Holistic Change & Development” on 24th September 2010 at CKSVIM
  5. Industrial Visit to “Central institute of agricultural engineering (CIAE)” at BHOPAL From: 30th May to 1st June, 2012.