Following candidates are registered as Doctoral Candidates at CKSVIM, Vadodara Research Centre . 

The list of Doctoral Candidates along with their Research Topic and Guide name are mentioned below:

1 Prakash Patel 119997392024 A study of E-Contracting practices with special reference to few selected industrial units of Gujarat region Dr. Satendra Kumar
2 Savitha K 119997392029 A comparative study of cultural diamention in foreign and domestic multinations corporations in Chennai
3 Avani Jariwala 129990992002 A stuy of awareness attitude and factors influencing personal financial planning for residents of Gujarat.
4 Darshana Desai 129990992004 A study of design aspects of web personalization for online users in India
5 Preeti Nair 119997392024 A study on identifyng teaching competencies and factors affecting teaching competencies with special reference to MBA insitutes in Gujarat.
6 Rupal Khambati 129990992027 Service quality measurement of public healthcare facility : A comparative study on urban and rural consumers of surat dist.
7 Ranjita Banerjee 119997392045 A study of relationship between HRM practices and MSME’s performance Dr. Rajesh Khajuria
8 Sameer Rohadia 119997392027 A study of erp implementation in select industries
9 Subas Gantayat 119997392034 A Study of Ship Building Industry
10 Vinod Danani 139997775003 Management of irrigation projects works contract and dispute resolution mechanism in Gujarat
11 Divyang Shah 149997775002 A study of outsourcing of information technology services with special reference to Gujarat
12 Avi Sabavala 149997775001 A study of skill development in select MSME in central Gujarat
13 Uday Shankar Jha 169999903008  Study of freight performance of Indian Railways with respect to developing new cost effective model.
14 Snehal Bhatt 119997392044 Lifestyle and phyco graphic segmentation of urban consumers for classification of consumers shopping from malls in the state of Gujarat. Dr. Kerav Pandya
15 Surya Baser 149997292014 Expectations and perceptions towards online shopping. A study of online shoppers in select of cities of Gujarat.
16 Prashant Pandya 159997292009 A study of compulsive bying behaviour of consumers in gujarat state in retail mall with special focus on FMCG products.
17 Naren Sharma 169999903006 A study of asset reconstruction companies to recover NPAS of large corporate segment in Guajarat state.
18 Gaurang Badheka 179999903003 A study of capital structure determinants of selected listed companies in India
19 Poonam Pandit 119997392020 Study of relationship between prakriti and performance of employees in a manufacturing sector Dr. Dalpat Sarupriya
20 Dinesh Kapadia 119997392007 Spiritual pratices asa strategic management approach towards holistic success in corporate world
21 Preeti Singhal 119997392014 A study of customers satisfaction and loyaly in organized retail stores of Gujarat Dr. Tripat Kaur
22 Ashiya Shaikh 119997392003 An empirical study on consumer behaviour intention in hotel industry in Gujarat 
23 Durgesh Pandey   A study of impact of financial fraud existing regularity mechanism contemporary methods of fraud and its mitigations Dr. Akshai Agarwal
24 David Stephen 129990992016 A study on economic impact of public spending on agriculture sector : A comparative study of Tanzania and India Govt. Dr. S.O. Junare
25 Manasi Parikh 129990992034 A study on development of competency based human resource system for sales function in pharma sector Dr. Pradip Desai