Inauguration Ceremony
5th July, 2009

SMJV's CKSV Institute of Management was inaugurated by Shrimant (Dr.) Mrunalini Devi Puar, Hon. Chancellor, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda alongwith Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi, Chairman - Trust Board, and Shri Kantilal M Shah, Main Donor along with other dignitaries and donors.

Inaugural Ceremonies:

  1. Gurusthuti on 4th July 2009 at the Institute of Management.
  2. Inauguration and Unveiling of Granite Plaque by Shrimant (Dr) Mrunalini Devi Puar, Hon. Chancellor, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, along with Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi, Chairman – Trust Board, and Shri Kantilal M. Shah & Family, Main Donor, along with other donors and dignitaries at the Institute on 5th July 2009 at 9.15 AM.
  3. Saraswati Vandana with 28 Dignitaries on the Dias in two rows.
  4. Lamp Lighting by Shrimati Mrunalini Devi Puar, Honorable Guest and the Chancellor of the Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Vadodara.
  5. Prayer by the Jain Guru & Acharya Maharaj Saheb.
  6. Speech by the Acharya Maharaj Saheb.
Speeches by Trustees, Director and Dignitaries:

1. Shri Shrikantbhai S. Vasa (Trustee and Hon. Secretary)

Shri Kantibhai Vasa, in his speech, welcomed all the invitees and thanked everyone specially Shrimant Mrunalini Devi Puar (The Chancellor of M.S.University) and Shri Kantibhai Shah (Main Donor) for gracing the occasion with their presence in this auspicious day. He also praised the efforts of all those people who were behind the foundation of this institution. He expressed his happiness on selecting Vadodara city for setting up this institution. According to him Vadodara is a cultural as well as a knowledge city. Finally, Mr. Vasa expressed the desire of setting up a university by the trust within a period of five years.

2. Shri Subodhratna C. Gardi (Hon. Secretary of SMJV Trust)

In his emotionally charged speech, Shri Subodhbhai Gardi talked about the legacy of 95 years old SMJV that has witness the national movement. Eminent leaders of national movement like Mahatma Gandhi and Hon. Shri Vallabhbhai Patel were associated with this institution. Many contemporary alumni of this institution like Motilal Girdhar Kapadia and others participated in the national movement. He then spoke about the foundation of SMJV. The Vidyalaya progressed due to the liberal contribution and donations by its students. He said that now the time has come, this Trust should have its own educational institution. Another reason cited by Mr. Gardi for setting up a Jain educational institution is that Jains all over the world have fared well in many fields and have been the formidable donors and contributor to many intuitions.

3. Dr. Rajesh Khajuria (Director of C.K.S.V. Institute of Management)

Dr. Rajesh Khajuria started his speech by posing a question to the audience…, ‘Have you ever thought who is responsible for the global recession? The U.S. and U.K. have the best of the management institutions. Yet, these countries slipped into recession’?  According to him the root cause of the recession is not the expertise but ethics. Dr. Khajuria then related the point to the newly established institution. He said the Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya has all the aspects i.e. Expertise, Ethics and Enterprise. He emphasized that C.K.V.S.I.M. is not just another M.B.A. institution. Unlike other M.B.A. intuitions, this institution has valid and vast structure, affiliation and well integrated to industries. The institution exceeds three times the standards of A.I.C.T.E.  Dr Khajuria asserted, ‘We will build characters along with teaching management’. Dr. Khajuria told to the audience that this institution is the only institution in the city that will commence three centre’s of excellence right from its inception. He in his conclusion said that this institution will be a dream management school.

4. Shri Pranlal Kanjibhai  Doshi (Hon. Trustee)

In his speech Mr. Doshi  said, “today we are witnessing the realization of one dream that is to begin a educational institution. Our dream is to impart holistic education. Our dream is to bring back the glory of Taxshila and Nalanda. The journey so far was tough but sustaining this institution will be tougher”. Mr. Doshi further illustrated about education system. He said that there is a constant transmission of energy from teacher to student. The educational institution should continue to perform this process of energy transmission. He suggested that there should be freedom of choice in selecting curriculum. Let student choose what they want. Mr. Doshi expressed his happiness in the inauguration of this institution.

5. Dr. Pukhraj Maru (I.A.S.)

Dr. Maru congratulated all the teams and committees involved in setting up this institution. He praised the spirit of the people mainly donors. He said this spirit of giving back to the society is amazing. He emphasized on communication since it is the communication skills that matters a lot. The objective of the management institution is to make practical mangers rather theoretical managers. The academic and practical knowledge should be well integrated.

6.  Dr. Kamal Taori (I.A.S.)

Mr. Taori in his speech emphasized the good management system. He said that such a old institution will surely come up with a novel management system. He then talked about spiritual dimension of development and marketed and unmarketed dimension. These models can be developed by the new educational institutions. Mr. Taori suggested developing a low cost practical consultancy that will include the models of marketing and unmarkting.

7.  Shri K.M.Shah (Main Donor)

Mr. Shah thanked the people behind the development of this institution. He said with the inauguration of this institution we have achieved our objective of venturing into educational areas.  The institution is rightly established in Vadodara – the city of knowledge. Also, the city is important because the founder Shri C.K. Shah was born here. He suggested initiating studies on Jainism within this institution. He then talked on the basic principles of Jainism particularly the principle of Ahimsa or non violence. He said that if Jain culture and philosophy is propagated, there will be peace and harmony. He then paid tribute to his late son Mr. C.K.Shah by praising his qualities of hardship and good nature.

8.  Ms. Mansi Shah (Daughter of late Shri C.K.Shah)

Ms. Mansi paid a rich and emotional tribute to her father. She said that my father’s dream of setting up an educational institution got accomplished with the effort of her grandfather Shri K.M.Shah. My mother was the source of strength for my late father. Through my father’s life I have learned a lot. He is still a source of inspiration for me. She said that live the life completely before the death comes. She thanked her grandfather for accomplishing her father’s dream.

9.  Shrimant (Dr.) Mrunalini Puar (The Chancellor of M.S.University of Baroda)

Dr. Mrunalini Puar commenced the speech by emphasizing the factor of changing.  The speed with which the world is changing is unprecedented. This requires a constructive and planned management. She emphasized on dynamic management system. She said that small countries like Japan and Singapore has achieved in developing dynamic management system. Dr. Puar suggested developing management research on two aspects – Management of change and Management of rural development. She said that in management of rural development the thrust should be on poverty removal. She then spoke about loyalty to one’s country. She said that patriotism or loyalty to one’s country is very important. This to be inculcated right at the faculty level to the management committees. She expressed her gratitude to Shri  Dipchandbhai Gardi, the main donor, for selecting Vadodara as a place for setting up this institution. She added that the infrastructure of the institution is impressive.

10.  Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi (Chairman – Trust Board)
Shri Dipchandbhai Gardi first of all thanked Shrimati Mrunalini Devi for gracing the occasion and said that we are proud to have a woman chancellor in this male dominated society. He thanked all the donors in setting up this institution. He said that now he dreams of a Jain University to be set up in a period of five years or in the centenary period of S.M.J.V. (1914-2014).

11.  Mr. Arvindbhai Shah (President)

He said that in 2004, in a conference in Mumbai, we resolved to set up an educational institution. With this inauguration we are successful in our endeavor. Now, we have a unaccomplished task of setting up an university.

12.  Dr. Priyavadanbhai Shah

In his speech Dr. Priyavadan shah emphasized on delivering Jain lectures in the institution and setting up a women’s college or Kanya Vidyalaya.

13.  Mr. Sanjaybhai Shah (former Student of S.M.J.V.)

In his speech he congratulated everyone on this occasion.