About SMJV Trust

Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya (SMJV ) has been serving Indian society for over Century.
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About Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya Trust (SMJV)

Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya (SMJV ) has been serving Indian society for over Century. Established in 1915 with the blessings of eminent Jain Guru YUGDRASHTA ACHARYA SHRI VIJAY VALLABHSURISWARJI MAHARAJ SAHEB, the roots of this premier institution are found in its belief that the education, coupled with followings of basic Jain principles will help the cause of Jain philosophy to create a non – violent, peaceful and prosperous society.

In 2007, the Trust decided to make a direct entry into Higher Education and formed Shri Mahavira Jaina Vidyalaya Education Foundation (SMJVEF) Trust for imparting education to all communities including Jains to benefit wider tapestry of Indian and Global societies.

  • Sheth Shri Motichand Girdharlal Kapadia
  • Sheth Shri Devkaran Mulji
  • Sheth Shri Motilal Mulji
  • Sheth Shri Govindji Khushal
  • Sheth Shri Naginchand Kapurchand Zaveri


જીવનમાં આત્મ કલ્યાણ અને લોકકલ્યાણની ભાવનાનો પુણ્ય સંગમ સાધી ધાર્મિક અને વ્યવહારિક જ્ઞાનની અમૃત – પરબો દ્વારા સમાજને સર્વાંગીણ અભ્યુદયના માર્ગે ચાલવાની પ્રેરણા

  • To provide Lodging and Boarding facilities of Best Standards to the Shwetamber Murti Poojak Jain Students.
  • Focus on Welfare and Progress of students.
  • Keeping in view demand for accommodation at important Education Centres, open more Branches of Vidyalya for Boys and Girls.
  • Thrust on imparting Religious Education to and performance of Jin-Puja by all students.
  • To compile, publish and spread Jain Literature.
  • To maintain and run Jinalayas at all Branches.


વ્યવહારિક શિક્ષણ અને ધાર્મિક સંસ્કારના સિંચનનું ૯૫ વર્ષે પ. પૂ. આચાર્યશ્રી વિજય વલ્લભસુરીશ્વરજી મહારાજ સાહેબે જે સ્વપ્ન સેવેલ તેને શ્રી મહાવીર જૈન વિદ્યાલયે મૂર્તસ્વરૂપ આપ્યું છે.

  • To realize the dream of P.P. Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh Surishwarji, to provide Education to all needy Shwetamber Murtipoojak Jain Boys and Girls free of cost or at minimum fees.
  • To prescribe/revise courses for Religious Education to students and provide facilities for the same within hostels.
  • To provide Loans/Scholarships to needy students pursuing College and Higher Education.

From 2022

Board of Trustees & EC members

The Board of Trustees and Executive Committee Members from the year 2022 are as follow:

Shri Sudhir Bhai U. Mehta

Shri Kamlesh Bhai Vikamshee

Hon. Secretaries

  • Shri Hasmukhbhai U. Gadhecha
    Shri Hiteshbhai C. Doshi
  • Shri Mukeshbhai B. Mehta

Hon. Treasurers

  • Shri Atulbhai R. Shah
  • Shri Kishorbhai G. Sheth


  • Smt. Anitaben S. Mehta
  • Shri Prakashbhai N. Shah
  • Shri Virendrabhai P. Shah
  • Shri Kamleshbhai S. Vikamsey
  • Shri Rajeshbhai H. Shah
  • Shri Yuvrajbhai S. Shah
  • Shri Nareshbhai K. Sheth
  • Shri Ketanbhai P. Shah
  • Shri Kumarbhai G. Shah
  • Shri Shripalbhai N. Desai
  • Shri Parimalbhai C. Zaveri
  • Shri Jayeshbhai D. Shah
  • Shri Kalpeshbhai S. Shah
  • Shri Pratapbhai B. Shah
  • Shri Nileshbhai B. Gandhi
  • Shri Hiteshbhai H. Lakhani
  • Shri Deepakbhai U. Gandhi
  • Shri Chetanbhai A. Shah
  • Dr. Suhasbhai S. Shah
  • Shri Pratapbhai B. Shah
  • Shri Divyangbhai Shah
  • Shri Narpatbhai Sanghvi
  • Shri Nileshbhai Shah
  • Dr. Viralbhai Shah
  • Shri Bipinbhai Shah
  • Dr. Tejalbahen Gandhi

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