Director's Message

Our long-term goal is “to be an institution of excellence for learning & collaborative research in management with a deep commitment to people.”

B. Voc

Ph. D

Dr. Kerav Pandya

Director, C. K. Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management

I wish all of you are doing well wherever you are, at home or home town. Covid-19 pandemic has significantly affected our lives. We are witnessing an unprecedented situation, which none of us have ever seen in the past and probably don’t expect to see again in future. Therefore, at CKSVIM, Vadodara the health and well-being of students and staff remains our top priority.

Our long-term goal is “to be an institution of excellence for learning & collaborative research in management with a deep commitment to people”. We have eminent Board of Studies comprising senior professors and highly qualified faculties as well as Industry leaders who collectively guide us to impart quality and rigor in our academic offerings, while at the same time catering to contemporary needs of industry.

The vision of C K Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management is to impart global business education in order to uniquely equip students, managers and professionals with necessary knowledge, acumen and skills so as to enable them to effectively tackle the challenges faced by transnational businesses and industries.

In our search for excellence, we have from the outset, laid great emphasis on course design based on the ‘learning outcomes’ approach identified the best of faculty with innate teaching capabilities and a harmonious blend of academic and corporate experience. We have adopted a combination of innovative pedagogical techniques that attempt to trigger one or more of the multiple intelligence that human beings possess, in order to maximize individual learnability. But above all, our approach is to ensure that ‘learning is enjoyable’.

The academic offerings are dovetailed with well crafted Placement and Career Advisory support services that endeavor to transform an individual’s demeanor from a ‘student’ to an ‘executive’/ ‘business leader’. At the same time, we trust that our corporate engagement and collaborative research activities will prove to be mutually beneficial for the industry and for CKSVIM.

The institute assures the parents, the students and the civil society that no stone shall be left unturned in order to groom the students admitted in the institute as excellent, brilliant and confident corporate professionals to face the challenges which lie ahead of them in their lives.

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