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For more than a decade, the institute has emerged as one of the most favoured destinations for hiring fresh talent from the campus.
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Placement cell

Our Purpose

The purpose of the training and placement cell, CKSVIM is to define the overall structure & processes of Training, Placements and Outreach, and to structure the roles & responsibilities of the teams working in the office. The training & placement office of CKSVIM ensures that –

  • All interested students get on-campus placement
  • Deserving candidates can have the opportunity to start their career with their preferred company


Job Offers

Placement cell of CKSVIM, strictly follows the policy of “One students, One Job Offer” only. A student shall be allowed to go through the selection processes, based on specified criteria, till he/she secures a job offer.

After accepting a job offer, student can not withdraw his/her acceptance any time during the year at any cost. He/She will not be allowed to appear in placement opportunity. In such case, The institute may not hesitate to share the details of such students with other companies and make sure that institute image will not be at stake.


Pre-placement talks

  • Notices of the Pre Placement Talk will be displayed on the notice board or TPO will send you mail regarding the same or any other form of communication as required.
  • Students should occupy the venue 15-mintues before the scheduled start of the Pre Placement Talk.
  • Students interested in a particular company, must attend its Pre Placement Talk without fail.
  • Students must refer company profile prior to Pre Placement Talk and clarify details regarding salary break-up, job profile, place of work, bond details etc with the companies during PPT.

How it works?

Placement Process

1. It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices/ updated information/shortlisted names etc. in the notice boards of Placement Office. Students are expected to be in time as per the announcements.

2. Late comers for aptitude test/GD / interview will not be allowed to appear for the Selection process.

3. A student who applies and gets shortlisted is bound to go through the entire selection process unless rejected midway by the company. Any student who withdraws deliberately in the midst of a selection process will be disallowed from placement for the rest of the Academic year.

4. Students should maintain discipline and show ethical behavior in every action they take during the placement process. Any student found violating the discipline rules set by the company or defaming the institute name will be disallowed from the placements for the rest of the academic year.

5. Students found cheating or misbehaving in the selection process PPT/Test/GD/Interview) will be disallowed from the further placements activities.

Student Information

Student Eligibility & Instructions

  • Student Eligibility & Code of Conduct
  • Final year students who have shown interest/registered for placement activities are only eligible to participate in the placement activities if He/She meets the requirements/eligibility criteria specified by the Company as well as TPO.
  • Campus placement is a facility provided for the students of CKSVIM. Registration is not compulsory at all. Students not interested in placements are requested not to register for placements.
  • Only registered students are allowed to appear in campus recruitment process. Students must be formally attired in College Dress Code whenever they participate in any Placement Activity in campus or off campus.
  • Students must bring their identity cards with them and follow proper dresscode as deemfit whenever they go through a placement process in campus or off campus.
  • Direct communication of students with the company officials is not allowed.
  • Instructions for Students
  • Students will be debarred /blacklisted from the placement if he/she is found involved in any indisciplinary activity or engaged in malpractices practices during their course of study/Program.
  • Any eligible student who has not participated in 2 consecutive recruitment drives without prior approval of TPO.
  • Students giving wrong data/information in TPO, He/She will be debarred/blacklisted from the placement activities for the rest of the academic year.
  • Students cannot Withdraw from selection process once he/she has been shortlisted for further rounds after Aptitude Test, GD etc. A disciplinary action will be taken against defaulter student/s.
  • Any kind of misbehavior/complaints reported by the company officials/faculty/staff/volunteers will be taken seriously & those evolve will be debarred/ blacklisted from future campus placements.

Training & Placement Officer

Roles & Responsibilities of officer

  • TPO invites Companies/Industries for recruiting students through Campus Drives.
  • TPO prepares the database of all final year students and shares the database to Companies/Industries as per their requirements & eligibility criteria along with a tentative, mutually convenient date for the campus interviews.
  • TPO finalizes the suitable date of campus drive by interaction with Company Personnel.
  • TPO organizes regular Classes/sessions for Soft Skills Development of students for better performance in Placements.
  • Regularly updating the database of students for company.
  • Make all the arrangements of Venue & Resources for organizing campus drive.
  • An active team comprising of Faculty and Students placement coordinators is formed for the effective execution.
  • TPO doesn’t invite/approach any company for campus drive which involved any kind of financial conditions.
  • Offer letter to be submitted by the student to TPO within the month of joining.

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